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Disruptive app behavior is an important problem that we envision will be more and more prevelant given the trend of open computing platform and wide availability of mobile devices. As researchers, we can take a systematic approach to study the problem and propose practical solution to address it. But the success largely depends on data from the field to validate our understanding, design and evaluation.

You can help contribute to the DefDroid project by

  1. using DefDroid and let us know how it performs in the field
  2. telling us about some of the frustracting user experiences of some rogue apps
  3. submitting patches (pull requests) to the DefDroid source code

For (1): please go to the Downloads page and post to the user group for discussion.

For (2): please take a few minutes to fill out this survey.

For (3): please contact the lead developer Ryan Huang for more details.

We appreciate your help!